I’ve started blogging many-a-times before… Each time with a sudden burst of interest I started a new blog vowing to myself to be better than last time and not let it die. The first one was not even a blog… a bunch of HTML pages strung up together and hosted on the once popular geocities (yes I was a kid back then!) When I look back i realize that I did manage to better myself each time, but somehow, all those blogs died a gradual death as I realized my interest waned.

My last blog however started of with a different concept and had a couple of my friends posting articles as well (on any random thoughts under the sun). Some of those articles were pretty popular too. (the blog can be found here)

This time however, I start a new blog not with the hope of posting articles once every n days, but rather as a space to put down anything I might find of interest… (you have been warned!)