I recently enabled cross posting of my tweets to my Facebook profile. This was pretty awesome for the most part, reach two sets of my audiences with one post. Less work and a neat solution you got me. However a couple of days ago I saw myself tweeting quite a bit, and that was when I realized I was spamming the my friend’s Facebook timelines.


I have just over a 1000 friends on Facebook and I am spamming all of them with content when I most my posts are targeted only at a specific group. Yes I know I can create multiple lists and share my content with only the people on that list. This can probably be improved…

Interest based sharing/following

Here is my two cents on an improved sharing mechanism

  • Let people categorize their friends into interest categories.
  • Each friend can be a part of multiple categories.
  • My friend should be able to “unfollow”/”follow” any of the categories their friends originally put em in.
  • Each persons timeline should only show posts from the interests categories of his/her friends that he/she follows
  • However anyone visiting my timeline should be able to see all my posts …all of my noise.

This would let me share my noise without shouting out all I have to say to everyone, and yet reach the people I want to. This also leaves way for people who might be interested in the other random things I want to say to go look it up, and if they find that kind of stuff interesting maybe follow that category too.

Yes this will considerably reduce content discovery which is something Facebook might be worried about. The solution -> the “#discover” page which shows me a timeline with all the noise, everything that everyone is sharing.